Five Things to Love About the RFS

After my first fortnight as Digital Communications Officer for the RFS, I thought I'd share a little bit about what I love about the work we do and what makes me excited for our future. There is so much to choose from but I narrowed it down to my top five.

By Elle McAllister · February 14, 2022

1. Learning Opportunities

The RFS is passionate about teaching, training, and passing on our wealth of knowledge. As a proud geek this focus on learning was such a pull for me. Whether you are a newcomer, a seasoned professional, or just wanting a bigger challenge, we love helping people. The Quarterly Journal of Forestry is accessible by all members, includes fascinating research, and an archive of our long history. I will likely be found delving into the RFS Library regularly!

2. Brand New Exciting Events

The number of divisional and national events within the RFS is incredible. You can meet up with members in your region, students, or connect with those who have been a valued part of the RFS for decades. We have online events including Book Club that reach out into other areas broadly connected with forestry. After so long dealing with the isolation of the pandemic, our chance to catch up socially is wonderful. Why not join us? You’d be more than welcome!

3. Membership community

I have heard amazing stories about our members, new and old, and know how much love there is for them within our small team. Our Divisions stretch across the country; they build local communities, link up with students, and are very generous with their time and wisdom. There is such dedication and passion for Forestry, but also real heart. It seems I couldn’t have joined a friendlier group of people! I am so excited for the conversations we can all have and learn from as we move forwards.

4. The Benefits of Trees

We know that forests, trees, and nature are extremely good for us and not just physically! Even looking at an image of a tree can make us calmer, happier, and more productive. Our Teaching Trees program supports children and teachers to get outside and learn about their environment. Access to green spaces has been shown to boost creativity and academic performance (regardless of gender or family income) and being a part of this is such a joy. Watch this space for more opportunities to join us and get involved – it’s truly good for your health.

5. The Team

RFS have been described as a small charity; we are actually a small staff running a unique national charity. I have come into a team of hardworking and passionate people who love what they do. We are often scattered remotely but work together to do more and be better. I am proud and excited to have joined them on this adventure.
Bonus: office and remote dog friends! At times distracting but oh so comforting! They are also great company on our woodland walks.

Needless to say I am loving my new role, and thrilled to have the opportunity to work with you all. I hope you will join us for the adventures ahead.

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