Pancake Wood

Wessex Woodland Management teams have taken out (sheared) birch scrub in the centre of one compartment of the wood. Planting of demonstration plots of oaks and oak mixes will begin in spring 2022.

The shearings have been chipped. In the demonstration site oak trees will be planted in three different ways amid some remaining birch trees which will shelter the young oaks.

One section of the demonstration site will be planted solely with English oaks, another with English oak (60%) and Weymouth pine (40%) and the third with English oak (60%) with common alder (20%) and Italian alder (20%).

As an educational charity we are committed to sharing knowledge to help others. A total of 1,171 English oak , 146 Italian alder, 135 common alder and 293 Weymouth pine trees will be planted in the demonstration site. They will be closely monitored and the results shared widely to help other woodland owners and managers decide which species mixes might work best for them in the future.

These trees have been generously funded by our corporate partners Trainhugger and Green the UK and by those who have given in memory of loved ones.