Woodland Management at Hockeridge and Pancake Woods

During the 2021-2022 planting season we carried out vital management and planting. This helped make these woods more able to adapt to climate change, to resist new pests and diseases and keeps visitors and road users safe.

From September 2021 through to spring 2022 we are working with Wessex Woodland Management to complete some essential woodland management. More than 3,780 new trees will be planted. We have:

  • taken out trees that were ready to crop and sent them for timber, locking up their carbon in new products for many years to come;
  • removed dead and dying ash trees along the A416 to keep drivers safe.

We will be:

  • planting new trees chosen for their abilities to thrive in predicted climate conditions in 80 years’ time. These will lock up more carbon as they grow, helping in the fight against climate change.These new trees will be enjoyed by generations to come;
  • reducing the use of new plastic by trialling new forms of non-plastic tree guards and re-using existing plastic ones to protect tasty tree saplings from deer and rabbits;
  •  avoiding damage to important archaeological features by the carefully routing machinery and materials (even if these routes are slightly longer); and
  • keeping wood users safe with occasional temporary restrictions on where you can walk while works are underway.

We will be planting in parts of Pancake Wood and Hockeridge Wood. You can find out more information on what is happening in each part of the wood below.