Our Woods

The RFS owns three woodlands, each managed as a showcase for woodland management and home to some rare and beautiful trees.

  • Battram Wood

    Situated in the National Forest, this 48ha site is an excellent example of how farmland can be developed into an economically viable woodland. We aim to maximise timber...

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  • Hockeridge and Pancake Woods

    See how we combine productive woodland with recreation and conservation interests. Visit a range of rare species including Giant and Coast redwoods, Tulip tree, Southern beech and Red...

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  • Charles Ackers Redwood Grove and Naylor Pinetum

    The forest at Leighton contains one of the most famous and historically significant stands of trees in the UK. The original cathedral-like stand of towering coast redwoods was...

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If you would like to discuss using one of our woods for educational or community purposes please email learning@rfs.org.uk. For media or filming enquiries please email jen.turner@rfs.org.uk.