Leaders Romans Group planting for the future at Hockeridge 

Staff and directors from property experts Leaders Romans Group (LRG) have planted the first of a range of trees chosen to help the Royal Forestry Society’s (RFS) Hockeridge and Pancake Woods better survive climate change.

By Wendy Necar · April 28, 2022

Above: Planting for the future at Hockeridge and Pancake RFS with partners LRG, GreenTheUK and Trainhugger; left, LRG plant a Deodar Cedar on the educational species trail.

LRG is donating more than 25,000 trees as part of a GreenTheUK initiative. They have also planted a Deodar Cedar on an educational species trail within RFS Pancake Wood.

David Wilson, Chief Operating Officer at LRG tells us: “LRG are really proud to be supporting this important initiative. We plant a tree for each home we sell or let across the UK. Our other environmental initiatives include renewable energy used across most of our offices and boards made of recycled material (and then recycled again). Together they reassure clients they are making a sustainable decision when they select us as their agent. GreenTheUK and the RFS are great partners and make it really easy for us to support this worthy project.”

Hockeridge and Pancake Woods are on the border between Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire, on the edge of the Chilterns.

English oak were the first trees to be planted in an area where mature Norway spruce have recently been harvested. They will be joined by a range of broadleaved and conifer species chosen to withstand the likely changes in temperature and rainfall in the next 50-80 years.

Royal Forestry Society Development Manager Jen Turner said: “It is vitally important that we plant now for the future. Climate change is threatening many of the trees we used to rely on as woodland trees. Restocking is an ideal time to start to adapt woodland for the future by incorporating a wide diversity of species.

“Thanks to the support of our partners, GreenTheUK and their clients, and their sister business, Trainhugger, the online train ticketing platform, we are able to offer a grant scheme in partnership with the Royal Scottish Forestry Society (RSFS) which includes restocking.”

The grant scheme is already benefiting woods in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Sixty different broadleaf and conifer species are represented among the 90,000 trees being planted by woodland owners under the grants in its first year. Five new school woodlands are also being planted.

Ed Caldecott, CEO of GreenTheUK and Trainhugger, notes: “There are individuals and businesses all around the country who want to help combat climate change, plant trees for the future and support their local communities. We want to help everybody to work together so that we can celebrate progress, like planting 60 species in one planting season.”