New tree planting grants for RFS and RSFS members 

We are delighted to announce that the RFS and the Royal Scottish Forestry Society (RSFS) are working together with new train ticket search and booking service Trainhugger to create resilient treescapes for the future.

For every booking made on the Trainhugger website or app, 50p will be donated to help our members plant trees.

What is the grant for?

Grants will be awarded to RFS and RSFS members who want to plant trees to increase resilience to pests, diseases, or climate change. The grant pays a rate of 50p per tree planted for a minimum of 500 trees and a maximum of 20,000 trees.

This grant process has been designed to be quick and simple, with a straightforward application form and a decision in just six weeks. You need to be an RFS or RSFS member to apply but members can apply anytime (there is no application window). Applications will be judged against a set of eligibility criteria and grants will be awarded on a first come, first served basis until all the money in the grant pot has been allocated.

This grant is primarily aimed at our members who want to plant trees but who are getting no (or very little) grant funding from elsewhere. This could be because the type of planting is ineligible or because the application process for other grant schemes is too costly or time consuming. For this reason, the following types of planting will be eligible for this grant (so long as members can say how the planting will help to create a resilient treescape for the future):

• Restock

• Small plantings (500 trees minimum)

• Shelterbelts and agroforestry schemes

• Urban trees and trees outside woodlands (500 trees minimum)

You will be able to use this grant alongside other grants so long as this grant accounts for no less than 51% of the grant income you are receiving to help plant your trees.

You can also now search for book your train tickets using Trainhugger to help us plant more trees.