Early Career Foresters Network

A network for anyone in the first 5 years of their career or age 30 or under.

Are you an early careers forester looking to build your support network & find training opportunities?

Looking for events to attend to help further your knowledge of forestry and build your network?

Check out our Events page, and check out the coming soon section below for exclusive Early Careers Events too.

Struggling to afford the training or CPD days you need to further your career?

Often the training or workshops you want to attend to enable you to expand your skills can be expensive, take a look at our Bursaries to understand more about how you can receive financial support.

This warm and welcoming community is exclusively for RFS members, there are so many fantastic benefits to being a member with us.

Not only do we offer some great discounts for our events and workshops but there are woodland meetings that are free to attend which provide you with valuable networking opportunities. Also, be the first to hear when we open applications for bursaries and hear about new jobs and more forestry related news through our fortnightly email newsletter.

We also offer a reduced membership for Early Careers Foresters, get in touch to learn more and learn more about being a Member here.

Want to join a community dedicated to sharing knowledge and opportunities within forestry? 

The RFS manage a friendly WhatsApp community that allows you to connect with and stay in touch with other individuals early on in their forestry career. We share events, articles and have general forestry chit chat. Get in touch here to ask to join us!