September 12, 2024, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Women in Forestry

Belper, Derbyshire

Shining Cliff Hostel, DE56 2HG

As part of our Early Career Foresters Network we are excited to host this event at Shining Cliff Hostel. The hostel is situated in Shining Cliff woods, an ancient woodland and designated Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Our intention is to bring people together for a day of networking and mentoring with others within the early stages of their forestry career.

It is a chance to meet others who are taking a similar career path to you, share your achievements, hopes and aspirations. Find a compassionate space to ask questions, overcome barriers and build supportive new connections.

This event welcomes all who feel that they would benefit from space to explore their identity as a forester along with others who are a minority but rapidly growing group in our sector.

We hope that by coming together you can find ways to improve things for yourselves and those that will follow in your footsteps.

Our Day Together

We will enjoy an inspirational talk in the morning, there will be time to wander around the beautiful woods and we will gather around the fire to experience a sharing circle.

During the sharing circle you are welcome to voice your challenges, frustrations, and triumphs of working in the industry. You will be encouraged to consider what could be improved in the industry and imagine all the ways we can help bring that to life.


Accommodation is available at Shining Cliff for those that wish to stay the night, please contact Kate from Shining Cliff to make use of our discounted rate.

Ticket Booking

We are offering three types of ticket for this event:

Concession Tickets:

These are available for those on a low income or for students,

Standard Tickets:

These are available for those further on in their career and able to afford £15 for a ticket.

Pay it Forward Tickets:

For those that can afford to contribute towards a concession space at £20 a ticket.

Use the button below to book, and feel free to contact us with any questions.

Becky Wilkinson

Learning and Outreach Manager

Becky is part of the senior leadership team at the RFS and Becky has a particular interest in supporting and uplifting the next generation of foresters.

As a qualified coach and experienced training facilitator she is passionate about creating non-hierarchical spaces for people to learn, share and grow. One area Becky is keen to engage with during her role is ensuring that all people, regardless of background, have the opportunities to succeed within the industry.

Alison Dinnie

Forestry Careers Advisor

Alison is relatively new to the RFS but she brings with her a huge passion for supporting women to unlock their unique gifts.

Alison is also a qualified coach and women's circle facilitator, she believes strongly in the transformation that can occur when people are able to share their stories in a judgement free space and realise they are not alone.