Forestry Roots 2023

Alice Wilson

Forestry Assistant, Harewood Estate, West Yorkshire

“I applied to Forestry Roots because I love working outdoors and getting the experience to go alongside my degree I have found to be challenging. Forestry Roots has created a great opportunity for me to gain that experience whilst also working in an amazing place surrounded by nature. I can’t wait to get stuck in and learn as much as I can from people who are already in the field of work I want to be in.”

Amy Harrington

Woodsperson, Tregothnan Estate, Cornwall

“Forestry Roots gave me the opportunity to bridge the gap between academic qualifications and apply them to a work environment. The Tregothnan team have been fantastic, so welcoming and supportive .I am looking forward to developing my practical skillset as well as build my knowledge and confidence, to grow my career in Forestry.”

Harriet Jenkins

Forestry Practitioner, Broadleaf Wales, Conwy

“I applied for the Woodland Management traineeship through the RFS scheme because it gave me the opportunity to retrain and begin a career in forestry. I’m delighted to be working with Broadleaf Wales who’s approach to forestry resonates with my values. I believe that working alongside like minded hosts will enhance my learning and support me in developing the skills I need to achieve my future goals: combining sustainable woodland management with traditional land based crafts, such as split wood basketry.”

James Dallavalle

Forestry Assistant, Harewood Estate, West Yorkshire

“The RFS has created an amazing opportunity for those without forestry skills to foster and nurture those strengths that are integral to the industry. As someone with a deep interest and respect for ancient woodland restoration, I'm hoping to attain the skills and knowledge that'll allow me to develop a career in this exciting and constantly evolving sector.”

Jared Whitehouse

Woodland Operations Trainee, North York Moors National Parks

“I applied for the position of Woodland Operations Trainee due to my deep affection towards our native woodlands. With a personal aspiration to finance and establish my own woodland of native trees in the future, I believe this role will provide me with a crucial wealth of skills to achieve this. Beyond its environmental value, this job is also extremely beneficial for my mental health, and I am genuinely grateful to be in such a position.”

Joseph Wood

Woodland Operations Trainee North York Moors National Parks

"I applied to Forestry Roots as it is a great opportunity to gain experience and begin a career in forestry and woodland management. I'm really looking forward to gaining valuable knowledge and new practical skills within the field. I'm very passionate about nature and the outdoors and it is a joy to work outside in the North Yorkshire Moors and be a part of creating and looking after new woodland. "

Karle Collins

Assistant Woodland Manager, Moreton Wood, Herefordshire

"I am applied to Forestry Roots because I get so much joy out of being & working in woodlands, so an opportunity to learn & develop a raft of new, traditional skills whilst earning a living, was not to be missed. Having no formal qualifications, the traineeship is a chance to build upon the skills & experiences I have gained myself & to have them formally recognised.

I am extremely passionate about our woodlands & see their value as a complex intersection of ecological, cultural, recreational & economical. With the combination of traditional management skills & current ecological understanding, I do believe wood-based cultures can be at the heart of local communities again, across the country & at the heart of a transition to a more sustainable economy, & more sustainable relationship to our environment."

Paul Humphries

Assistant Parks and Woodland Ranger, North Northamptonshire Council

“I’m fascinated with the opportunity what stands in front of me. This role is important to me because of my experience so far has opened my eyes to different perspectives and opportunities for understanding myself, where I can push my limits towards a greater purpose for my own career and what I can achieve within forestry, and what awaits me.”

Seb Ricketts

Forestry Roots Trainee, Say it With Wood, Herefordshire

'I applied for the Forestry Roots traineeships with the RFS because it's a great opportunity to gain valuable experience within the Forestry sector and to continue to expand my knowledge in an area I am so passionate about. Over the next year I hope to learn a variety of new skills whilst working with a friendly and hardworking team.'

Tom Lake

Trainee Arborist, Sir Harold Hiller Gardens, Hampshire

“This is a great opportunity to learn from very experienced staff in a setting which offers a wide variety of trees and shrubs. This will enable me to develop and gain a broad range of experience and knowledge which will form a solid basis to allow me to expand upon as I progress.”