Forestry Roots

Matching College and University leavers with employers

2021 - 2022

Join our successful Forestry Roots programme and gain a year's paid placement, training, relocation expenses and mentoring.

Past and Present Trainees

Forestry Roots

Has anyone not felt the wonder of woodland or forests? Are you committed to a career in this environment? ALA Green Charitable Trust is providing financial support to enable a number of students to pursue their career aspirations in this field of study and work placement. Our core principle is about inclusion regardless of background, gender, religion, disability or financial circumstance. We know that the environment is crucial to our future and and by working with the RFS we are supporting future foresters to achieve their potential through training and guidance. We are removing barriers to your first steps into a career of great value in the woodland and forestry environment where the opportunities are many and varied. So now, it’s over to you!!