Forestry Roots 2022

Liam Barr

Forestry Ranger - Hill Holt Wood

Callum Holme

Forestry Ranger - Hill Holt Wood

"I really wanted to work outdoors and learn a new skill that can improve the environment and also that it gives me a sense of purpose.

What I enjoy most is the camaraderie, and in particular measuring trees to apply for a felling licence."

Elena Waite

Forestry Assistant - HW Forestry

"I wanted to work as a forestry assistant for HW Forestry so that I could increase my knowledge of and practical skills in forestry consultancy and woodland creation and so that I could learn from highly experienced foresters. So far, I have really enjoyed getting out into the South Wales countryside to work on the woodland creation projects and learning more about the different ways these projects can be implemented."

Gabriella Beal

Conservation Trainee - Sherwood Forest Trust

"I decided to apply for Forestry Roots as it is a great opportunity to kick-start my career within forestry. Although I have the qualifications, it is really difficult to get a job in forestry/woodland management without any relevant experience. Therefore, this is a great opportunity for myself to gain valuable experience in something that I am passionate about.

I am really looking forward to gaining experience in woodland creation, and habitat restoration."

Georgina Coleman

Communications Assistant - Action Oak

I chose to work with Action Oak as a Communications Assistant as I have an interest in the environmental sector and wanted to gain experience working for an Initiative with an exciting mission who’s vision I resonate with. I studied BA (Hons) Film at Falmouth University and it’s been really interesting to see how relevant and transferable the skills I learnt here in the arts are to an industry that seems quite science focused from an outside perspective. I’m excited to learn from everyone that I am working with!

Matilda Mason

Trainee Forestry Worker - Chatsworth Forestry and Arboriculture

"I have chosen to work for Chatsworth Estate because it has a beautiful and historic landscape with such a variation of trees. I'm enjoying picking up new skills whilst on jobs and working with the rest of the forestry and arb team, they've been very welcoming and are a great team to work with!"

Emily Smith

Assistant Forest Worker - Westacre Estate

"I applied to join Forestry Roots because I want to pursue a career in forestry and learn all about working in and alongside nature. I have found that working and learning outdoors has been great for my mental health and sparked my passion to peruse a serious career in forestry work, and so I am very excited to get started on this new path and to learn as much as I can. Thank you again for welcoming me onboard and for allowing me to grow my passion."