Considering a Career Change?

Transferrable skills

Often situated in rural locations and covering a large area, forestry jobs usually need a full driving licence. A licence to pull a trailer or drive other types of vehicles would be an added bonus!

Although working in forestry can improve your physical and mental health, its not a job without risks involved! A First Aid at work qualification is considered essential by many employers.

Gaining Qualifications

If you need to keep working in your current job while preparing for a move into forestry, there are many distance learning courses available.

If you have a degree in a related area such as Geography but want to gain forestry specific knowledge before applying for a job then one of our One Day training courses may be a good starting point.

Get Involved

Forestry is a practical, outdoors job at almost every level and there’s no substitute for gaining some hands on experience. Find local volunteer groups where you may be able to assist in practical tasks in a community woodland in exchange for training in basic techniques.

Become an RFS member and come along to our extensive woodland meetings programme. Learn about a wide variety of forestry and woodland mangement issues as well as meeting local employers and professionals.