Wooden Eco Seed Pot Maker

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Brand: Love Heartwood

Make your gardening more eco friendly with this paper pot maker. Handmade in West Berkshire from local, sustainably sourced wood. It comes with full instructions.

  • Simple to use for all ages
  • Reduce plastic use in the garden
  • Economical – don’t buy anymore pots
  • Space-saving – no need to store countless plastic pots
  • Recycle newspaper or any non glossy paper
  • No waste, no mess & fully compostable
  • Seedlings can be planted straight into the ground in their paper pot to avoid 'transplant shock.'

Handmade from sustainably sourced wood by Love Heartwood. As these items are handmade, please allow a processing time of 1 week. Price includes P&P to UK destinations.

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