Tips for completing Need for Speed: Rivals - Main Missions # 007

Career progress

The racer's career mode (Rival) is divided into chapters, and if you want to move on to the next chapter, you need to complete tasks from the speedlist of your choice. It's worth noting that chapters vary in length, and sometimes it's enough to fill out one list just to move on to the next chapter, and sometimes you need to complete tasks from several lists.

An important feature of this game is that it gives you the freedom to choose the tasks you want to complete. After you complete the career prologue, the game will allow you to choose from three lists that have significantly different assumptions:

The list of races contains events mainly related to winning races.

The harassment list contains events mainly related to police harassment.

The list of drives contains events mainly related to the free exploration of the game world (jumps, drifts, broken speed records, etc.).

All the actions in the only available list are very easy to perform, and they are just part of a tutorial that will introduce you to the basics of gameplay. You will learn how to evade the police, play one of the four available events, and also join a one-on-one duel.

Speedlists - level 1

The lists of Races and Pursuit Races can be filled faster because each of them requires you to join one event and get at least a bronze medal. The list of disks is more demanding, forcing you to complete events with drift (distances are summed up and included in the "global" result). As for other tasks, they involve getting to know the repair shops in the game world, performing jumps (look for places to jump) and using nitro (hold the nitro key/button until it runs out).

Speedlists - level 2

The lists clearly differ from each other, although their common feature is the new requirement to hit other vehicles from behind (rear ram) or from the side (side impact). The novelty in the Drive list is the task of driving another vehicle at a short distance (preferably one that is moving in the opposite direction). I personally recommend getting interested in the list of races, because it fills up the fastest.

Speedlists - level 3

The tasks from the Race and Pursuit lists are a kind of introduction to the pursuit technology, giving you complete freedom of choice. In the case of drive lists, completely different problems arise. Some problems may arise with the requirement of one long drift, so look for a smooth bend or turn and choose a car that skids easily.