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    02 June 2011

    Cricket bat willow Date Issued: 02 June 2011   TOPICAL TOPIC - Cricket bat willow: The time-honoured game of cricket evolved in SE England in the Middle Ages. The first written rules appeared in 1744. During Britain's...more
    13 March 2011

    Celebrate World Forest Day with a walk in Battram Wood Date Issued: 13 March 2011   The Royal Forestry Society invites you to celebrate World Forest Day on 21 March with a walk in a...more
    27 March 2011

    Record number of entries to RFS Excellence in Forestry awards 2011 Date Issued: 27 March 2011   Watch this space! There has been a record number of entries for the Excellence in Forestry Awards 2011....more
    31 March 2011

    Date Issued: 31 March 2011   TOPICAL TOPIC: Ancient woodland indicators (AWIs) are species that are usually more common in ancient woodland than in more recent sites. They are most commonly vascular plants, although they have...more
    28 March 2011

    RFS president, Anthony Bosanquet Date Issued: 28 March 2011   The Royal Forestry Society (RFS) is urging Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman to encourage owners to bring neglected woodlands into active management and to provide further...more
    02 March 2011

    Date Issued: 02 March 2011   TOPICAL TOPIC: Just how much people's lives revolved around woods, forests and their products in the past is revealed by the wealth of surnames reflecting the past or present...more
    17 April 2011

      Date Issued: 17 April 2011   Native bluebells (Hyacinthoides non-scripta) are currently carpeting British woodlands – a sure sign of spring and of good woodland management. You can find out why by playing the...more
    16 April 2011

    Quarterly Journal of Forestry April 2011, cover page Date Issued: 16 April 2011   Hot off the press in the Royal Forestry Society’s spring 2011 issue of the Quarterly Journal of Forestry (QJF), comes the...more
    27 February 2011

    Brian Lewin (centre) receives an RFS Long Service Award from RFS President Anthony Bosanquet, right, watched by Rockingham Castle owner James Saunders Watson, left. Date Issued: 27 February 2011   Rockingham Castle Estate’s Head Forester...more