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Seeking members' views on CAP
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We are seeking our members’ views before feeding back on the Government’s CAP consultations over support for forestry and woodland activities. Our initial proposals are as follows. RFS members are invited to comment on the views in the RFS Forum by end of day 25 November 2013.



  • Back a 15% maximum CAP transfer from Pillar 1 payments to farmers to Pillar 2 Rural Development Programmes to maintain RDP funds at current levels in real terms
  • Support prioritisation of woodland management over woodland creation to better stimulate the wood supply chain, create new rural jobs and make woods more economically viable and ecologically sustainable
  • Call for incentivised support to control grey squirrels to stop extensive damage, especially in broadleaved woods
  • Back a simplified system of grants and licencing which retains the expertise of FC Woodland Officers
  • Question ‘landscape’ scale woodland Defra aspirations which might put funding for worthwhile small scale woodland management projects beyond reach