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Sustainable Festive Crafts

Sustainable Festive Crafts

For the majority of the year in the forest, we emphasise process over outcome and encourage the children to make only transient art which can then be dismantled or left for the wind to disperse. By not regularly removing material from our forests we ensure that we have the most minimal impact on the ecosystems and leave materials to biodegrade back into their natural environment. 

In the festive period however, some exceptions can be made, with limited use of natural resources from a well managed forest providing a much needed alternative to the consumption of the season.

Below are a suggestion of the activities that we enjoy at this time of year. Do let us know if you try them, we love to receive pictures of what you've created. 


Simple to make with all ages, these stick stars are an attractive alternative to standard Christmas crafts.

This photo was sent to us three years after its owner made it at a family craft day with lead trainer Becky and its still going strong!

 Tree Stars

Log Slice Snowmen ☃️

Easy to make if you have the appropriate tools and training or log slices can be bought from a number of places online. 

Depending on the age of your group, you may wish to pre-drill the snowmen for them or palm drills can be used to make the two holes. 


Salt dough reindee🦌

A fun way of bringing the outside in, these salt dough reindeer were imagined by our Staffordshire Education Officer Alice who even added some cinnamon to the dough for a wonderful Christmassy smell.

The children here have used holly leaves and cranberries which were spare from baking but holly berries can also be used if you have a group which will not be tempted to eat them.

 Saltdough Reindeer

"Snow Dough" ☃️

A fun way to allow your children to create a wintry scene even if you haven't had any snow and it won't cause any harm to your forest or the animals that live there.

It's easy to make with 4 parts flour to 1 part oil and gives a lovely crunchy texture for moulding into balls with little hands or gives a light dusting for mark making. Either keep it to a tuff tray or you can easily sweep it up or wash it away when you've finished.

 Snow Dough

Hanging Decorations🎄❤

Another idea for wood slices, great for planning and fine motor skills as your children thread pre drilled holes or with an older group why not get them to drill the holes themselves and see what designs they can make?