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More Stories for Woodland Learning


Biodiversity and Conservation



 Phoebe The Bee

Phoebe the Bee (Tales from the Countryside) by Tales from Mother Earth*


This delightful tale from Tales from Mother Earth invites us into the world of Phoebe the Bee and her search for pollen in the countryside around her. One day Phoebe discovers that the gardens and flowers that she relies upon for food are disappearing. She flies further and further from her hive until she eventually flies through a wooded glen to find a beautiful meadow garden filled with flowers.

This is an ideal book for engaging young children with the theme of nature conservation. The threat facing Phoebe is real rather than fictionalised and the beautiful illustrations show Phoebe in intricate detail. An ideal way of sparking the children's imaginations and creativity as they look for bees in their setting and think about what they can do to help them thrive.


* A copy of this book was given to the RFS by the publisher to review but the views above are our own.