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Welcoming Becky

 "Absolutely outstanding." That is how I can best sum up our Teaching Trees programme in 2018 -  and 2019 looks set to deliver even more!

Jen T

Jen Turner, RFS Development Manager, updates us on the latest exciting change to the RFS Teaching Trees Programme.

Teaching Trees has been awarded the LOtC Quality Badge mark for  the learning and the safety of its courses in England.

Teaching Trees is funded entirely by generous donations from our supporters. Each year, it costs around £110,000 to run the programme across England and in Wales. Find out more about our activites hereIf you would like to make a donation to Teaching Trees, please call Jen on 01295 671021 or to donate online, just click here. Thank you for your support 

For those of you who haven’t a clue what Teaching Trees is, it is, quite simply, the RFS’s programme of work with primary schools to help children (whatever their background) find value in trees and woodlands.

Unlike other schemes, Teaching Trees always takes place in a well-managed woodland (more often than not, an RFS Member’s woodland) and because our sessions are completely free and based on the curriculum, busy teachers can justify time away from the classroom. 

Teaching Trees makes the best use of images, sights, sounds and play to teach the National Curriculum to children from all walks of life, even those who struggle with the English language (or for whom English is not their first language). Many children benefit from the alternative learning methods provided by Teaching Trees and thrive by using different learning styles in our outdoor sessions.

In 2018, 5,012 different children took part in Teaching Trees. That is a whopping 1,339 more kids than the number that took part in 2017. These opportunities were delivered by an extremely talented and dedicated team of Teaching Trees Officers (thank you Tim, Georgia, Sara, Jess, Becky, Barbara, Nicki, Jenny, Jemma, Rebecca and our partners at Grosvenor and Tir Coed).

Teaching Trees Lr
RFS Teaching Trees, helping children (whatever their background) find value in trees and woodlands.


So, I think it’s fair to say that we’ve got our work cut out for us in 2019. How on earth are we going to replicate and build on the success of last year? Well, the answer lies in doing something different.

Becky Wilkinson

Becky Wilkinson, our Teaching Trees Cordinator, hits the ground running as she takes the programme forwards

Some of you might already know Becky Wilkinson. She started her RFS journey last year, when we set up our new Teaching Trees operation in Staffordshire. Becky has replaced Corinne Moss as our Teaching Trees Coordinator, taking an oversight of the Teaching Trees programme. It’s wonderful to take a look back at Corinne’s years of success and growth for the programme. We wish her every success in her new career as a professional triathlete and coach.

Becky is already off to a cracking start, supporting our Teaching Trees Officers with her knowledge and experience and updating all our processes and procedures to make sure everything is ready to go. It’s not surprising that Becky has hit the ground running, she has spent the last year on the ‘front line’ delivering our programme to children and teachers across Staffordshire. All our Teaching Trees Officers have been developing incredible resources that are designed to help children and teachers get the most from visits to woodlands. Becky is making sure that it’s easier than ever for these resources and best practice to be shared.  

It’s easy to feel a little apprehensive when things change but I can say, with confidence, that Teaching Trees has never been in a better place to succeed. We have a great team, built on solid foundations and a motivated, experienced and highly competent new programme coordinator to take us forward. Please join me in welcoming Becky as the newest member of our team and keep your eyes peeled for exciting news from Teaching Trees in 2019.