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The RFS welcomes blogs from members and experts in their field on all aspects of woodland management, forestry policy, forestry skills, timber uses and woodland education.The author's opinions are their own and may not necessarily be shared by the RFS. If you have a topic you would like to submit as a blog please email:  

Our thanks to all who have shared their knowledge through blogs. Please follow the links below

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 Woodland management   Forestry Policy  Skills
 Pests And Diseases With Copyright Tag  Outdoor Education 2  Timber Uses 3
 Pests and diseases  Outdoor Education  Timber Uses

 The most recent three blogs are: 

Treesare Complex Blog Mark Chester H S

Trees are complex 

March 2020

Mark Chester looks at some of the amazingly complex interactions within and between trees which are beginning to give us a new insight into tree health and how best to plant and manage our trees for the future. Mark is Principal Consultant of Cedarwood Tree Consultants, based in the Midlands.  He also runs the Consulting Arborist Society. Read his thoughts here


Cleft Sweet Chestnut Fence Lr Posts

Does Brexit Provide An Opportunity For The Welsh Government To Deliver Its Sustainability Goals Through Land-Use Change From Livestock Grazing To Broadleaf Woodland? A Case Study

 February 2020

David Brown uses the award winning Bron Haul woodland as a case study to explore whether land use change from livestock grazing to broadleaf woodland could help the Welsh Government deliver sustainability goals. More here



Paul Orsi Photo 500X564

Using myForest – online tools and resources for woodland management

January 2020

How can digital woodland management planning help you? Paul Orsi, Director of Operations at the Sylva Foundation, who will be leading two one-day RFS courses during 2020 on Digital Forest Management Planning using myForest, explains here