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The RFS welcomes blogs from members and experts in their field on all aspects of woodland management, forestry policy, forestry skills, timber uses and woodland education.The author's opinions are their own and may not necessarily be shared by the RFS. If you have a topic you would like to submit as a blog please email:  

Our thanks to all who have shared their knowledge through blogs. The most recent are:

  • Are you good at silviculture? In this two-part blog Professor Julian Evans OBE FICFor looks at the key interventions needed and how silviculture is shaping the woodland's future to achieve the best that it can.  Read Part 1 here  and Part 2 here.
  • Forestry Roots - opening a door onto an exciting career : Jack Hunt successfully applied for a Forestry Roots post in 2019 as an Assistant Forest Manager with Exmoor National Park. He has subsequently landed a two-year post with the National Park as a Woodland Conservation Assistant and describes his experiences as he recommends Forestry Roots opportunities to other aspiring Future Foresters here.

Please follow the links below for blogs on:

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 Woodland management   Forestry Policy  Skills
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 Pests and diseases  Outdoor Learning  Timber Uses