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    Adampickles Ffofficer Cropped Wn180419
    18 April 2019

    Adam Pickles is all set to join the Royal Forestry Society on 29 April 2019 as our Future Foresters Officer with a brief to engage and enthuse people from all backgrounds to enter the forestry...more
    Forestryroots19 Launch Wn 250319
    25 March 2019

    The Royal Forestry Society (RFS) is once again able to offer four unique opportunities under our Forestry Roots scheme to launch young foresters in their careers in 2019 – thanks to the continuing support of...more
    Teachingtreesd Outdoorclassroom 2019 Wn 1103
    11 March 2019

    The RFS Teaching Trees team is gearing up to make Outdoor Classroom Day 2019 a truly memorable event for primary schools across the country. Contact your nearest RFS Teaching Trees Officer for details about Outdoor...more
    Skillsday2017 2018Lauch Crfsmoultoncollege
    04 March 2019

    Up to 300 forestry and arboriculture students, apprentices and ‘new starters’ are expected to come together in October for a unique Future Foresters Skills Day which will introduce them to some of the most advanced...more
    Dartington Hall
    18 February 2019

    A midsummer three-day symposium, Evolving the Forest, is all set to mark 100 years of modern forestry in the UK and look forward to the next hundred. It will do so through the voices of...more
    Future Foresters Chainsaw Skills Credit Rfs
    06 February 2019

    Nearly thirty forestry employers, associations and educational providers, including the RFS, have pledged to work together to attract the very best of young and new talent into the sector. The five-year Forestry Skills Plan aims...more
    Well Managed Woodland Thrives
    17 January 2019

    Many tens of millions of pounds in timber, fuel, amenity value and ‘public goods’ could currently be locked up in the UK’s unmanaged woods and forests, suggests a new report from the Royal Forestry Society...more
    Teaching Trees Lr
    09 January 2019

    The Royal Forestry Society’s Teaching Trees programme, which brings primary schools together with local woods and woodland owners, has received the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom’s LOtC Quality Badge mark. The Quality Badge recognises...more
    St Catherines Oak Near Hereford
    02 January 2019

     A unique online archive charting the concerns of foresters in the UK throughout the First World War, leading to the creation of the Forestry Commission 100 years ago, has gone live here. Images:credit RFS This...more
    40 000 Grey Squirrel Control Handover Lr
    12 December 2018

    The Royal Forestry Society (RFS) has donated more than £40,000 towards a £1.1m five-year project researching grey squirrel control – and now it has called for others in the countryside sector to do the same!...more