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    17 October 2011

    Date Issued: 17 October 2011   Mark Sharples, a self-employed consultant and tree surgeon from Corsham, Wiltshire, has won the Royal Forestry Society/Lockhart Garratt Excellence in Arboriculture award for being the outstanding student in the management exercise...more
    07 October 2011

    Beech: One of the first entries in the Royal Forestry Society’s new on line tree resource Date Issued: 07 October 2011   The Royal Forestry Society (RFS) has partnered with Reader’s Digest to create a...more
    03 October 2011

    Nicholas Halsey in action with a billhook when he presented the Excellence in Forestry Schools Award to Pinewood School in Ware earlier this year Date Issued: 03 October 2011   The new President of the...more
    30 September 2011

    Autumn colours Date Issued: 30 September 2011   TOPICAL TOPIC - Autumn colours: Autumn leaf colours show a wide range of colours from yellows, oranges, reds, crimsons and purples; these colour changes mark autumn or fall...more
    13 September 2011

    Peter Goodwin receives the RFS Gold Medal Date Issued: 13 September 2011   Peter Goodwin – one of the UK’s leading hardwood furniture makers, and a key figure in raising awareness of Acute Oak Decline...more
    07 August 2011

    Award winners: Peter Bottoms (on behalf of his son Jack), with Sam Brown and David Purnell. Photo: Les Starling. Date Issued: 07 August 2011   Three young foresters have been presented with awards by the...more
    01 August 2011

    Date Issued: 01 August 2011   TOPICAL TOPIC - What's in a name: Just how much people's lives revolved around woods, forests and their products in the past is revealed by the wealth of surnames reflecting...more
    27 July 2011

    Excellence in Forestry Schools Award winners: Chris Brunton (left), representing Pinewood School, and Nick Halsey, President Elect of the Royal Forestry Society, plant a tree to celebrate. Date Issued: 27 July 2011   Three schools...more
    26 July 2011

    John Lanham receives the RFS Long Service Award from Anthony Bosanquet, RFS president Date Issued: 26 July 2011   Foresters from two of Yorkshire’s best known estates have received Long Service Awards from the Royal...more
    01 July 2011

    Grey squirrel Date Issued: 01 July 2011   TOPICAL TOPIC - A tale of two squirrels: The red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) is native to the British Isles. It once lived in all wooded areas, although its...more