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    Corinned Randell Ap 13052019
    01 January 2021

      Randle Bursary recipient Corinne Deal whose project took her to Georgia (USA) researching the history of swamp logging practices in South East USA Applications are now open for RFS Bursary schemes to support RFS...more
    Joe Forestry Roots 2020
    08 December 2020

      Joseph Haines, Assistant Forester, Burghley Estate Five young foresters have begun year-long paid posts in some of the UK’s best-known woodlands and at a leading forestry nursery thanks to an expanded intake under the Royal...more
    Efra Response
    07 December 2020

      The Royal Forestry Society has submitted written evidence to the EFRA committee Tree Planting and Woodland inquiry. We have outlined eight key points we believe are essential if ambitious woodland creation targets are to be achieved. Read...more
    Chad Abell Rfs Silky Fox Handsaw Award 2020
    23 November 2020

      Chad Abell: Silky Fox Handsaw Award Winner 2020 Fourteen students from eight different colleges have received this year’s RFS Silky Fox Handsaw Awards for their progress in hands-on skills in tree and woodland care. “...more
    James Cryer
    12 October 2020

    The government’s targets for tree planting are ambitious and the strategic importance of woodland and forest management, the use of the best quality planting stock and engaging young foresters in the sector are becoming ever...more
    Tree Strategy
    11 September 2020

      We have submitted our responses to the Defra English Tree Strategy (ETS) consultation on how to increase tree planting and tree and woodland management. The RFS sees this as an important opportunity to help shape...more
    Hockeridge Autumn Ceo
    02 September 2020

    The Royal Forestry Society is looking for a new high calibre Chief Executive as the forestry sector enters an exciting period of change and opportunity. The full-time post becomes available as current Chief Executive Simon...more
    Viking Bursary 2020 Award 1808
    18 August 2020

      The Royal Forestry Society 2020 Viking Bursary has been awarded to Katy Faulkner to support her PhD on the impacts of elevated CO2 and high rainfall on soil microbial community structure and function in...more
    Elms Response Eep9qxkxkaeklgg
    31 July 2020

    Following extensive consultation with forestry organsations, foresters and stakeholders, a joint response from the Institute of Chartered Foresters, Confor, the Royal Forestry Society and the Woodland Trust has been submitted in response to Environmental Land Management...more
    Randle Twitter
    06 July 2020

      Finland, Ecuador, Indonesia and New Zealand – all destinations this year’s successful Royal Forestry Society (RFS) Randle Travel Bursary recipients are hoping to visit to enhance their forestry knowledge.         Due...more