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RFS Viking Bursary to help research into soil microbial community
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Katy Faulkner Viking Bursary 2020 Hs

The Royal Forestry Society 2020 Viking Bursary has been awarded to Katy Faulkner to support her PhD on the impacts of elevated CO2 and high rainfall on soil microbial community structure and function in UK temperate forests.

Katy will use the Birmingham Institute of Forest Research (BIFoR) FACE site to understand how soil saturation following high rainfall will influence the soil microbiome, its consequences for biogeochemical cycling processes, and the extent to which these effects will change in an elevated CO2 atmosphere.

Katy is studying for a PhD in Biological Sciences at the University of Warwick. The RFS has awarded her a bursary of £1,500 towards the costs of her research.

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