Tree Strategy in England – RFS response to a ‘unique opportunity’

The RFS welcomed the announcement of the 12-week consultation period for the Tree Strategy in England

By Wendy Necar · June 22, 2020

The Tree Strategy consultation in England is a unique opportunity to shape policies which bring more woods into management, accelerate the rate of woodland creation, and improve the resilience of all woodlands to environmental threats.

Welcoming the announcement of the 12-week consultation period, Simon Lloyd Chief Executive of the forestry education charity, the Royal Forestry Society (RFS), says: “This is an opportunity to deliver polices which more effectively harness the environmental, societal and economic benefits of trees and woods.

“We believe this offers a unique opportunity to address concerns that are holding landowners back from planting new woodlands, better integrate trees and woods into farmland and strengthen existing woodlands against the challenges of climate change, pests and diseases.”

A recent survey by the RFS of members showed support for increased woodland creation was tempered by underlying concerns over the financial commitments of making irreversible decisions to change land to woodland.

“We will be responding on behalf of RFS members who have also clearly identified some of the barriers they see to creating new woodland, and based on our own research into the benefits of bringing existing woodland into management.”