QJF Photo Competition 2020 Winners

Congratulations to our fabulous ‘Silviculture in Action’ Quarterly Journal of Forestry (QJF) Photo competition winners.

By Becky Wilkinson · April 9, 2021

QJF Photo Competition Winner 2021

1st place

Marking a moment in time: Danny Kelliher

In first place is Danny Kelliher’s stunning picture taken during his apprenticeship when he realised he was recording a moment in history at Swynnerton Old Park, Staffordshire.

He was completing an A4 tarrif for the final thinning of a Scots/Corsican pine block and says: “As I made my silvicultural selections and sprayed the trees I stopped to photograph the quality of the Corsican. It then dawned on me that I was potentially removing the last Corsican to ever grow on this ground due to Dothistroma and the PAWS status of the woodland. The loss of this key species as a viable timber tree just brought home the challenges facing the industry and the up and coming generation of forestry workers.”

Picture is copyright RFS/D Kelliher.

2nd place

Collecting Seed: Angus Hanton

Second place goes to Angus Hanton for acorns collected for planting in the autumn of 2020 in South London.

Picture is copyright RFS/A Hanton.

3rd place

Woodland Worker: Ed Dolphin

Third place goes to Ed Dolphin for ‘Woodland Worker’. Ed had been collecting data in Devon for the Woodland Trust’s phenology project, Nature’s Calendar.  The field maple flower had set out her stall with a rich supply of nectar to attract pollinators, but the worker ant is feasting on the nectar getting a free meal having brought no pollen to repay the female flower.

Picture is copyright RFS/E Dolphin.

4th place

Cleddau Ddu Estuary: Angus Hanton

Fourth place also goes to Angus Hanton for his dawn view across the Cleddau at Slebech Park in Pembrokeshire, Haverfordwest, West Wales, where the estate is actively managed for timber production and amenity. This photo is across the Cleddau Ddu estuary which is an SSSI home to Otters and Lampreys.

Picture is copyright RFS/A Hanton.

The QJF 2021 photographic competition People at work in the woods is now open for entries. The winner will receive a selection of recently published books: The Silviculture of Trees Used in British Forestry 3rd Edition by Peter Savill (RRP £85.50), Woodland Flowers by Keith Kirby, Evolving the Forest (co-edited by Simon Lloyd, Richard Povall and Jeremy Ralph) and a bottle of English sparkling wine.

Deadline for entries is 31st October 2021. Follow the link here (