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Practically Speaking – James Cup Winners

An article giving practical advice for how forest resilience can be considered and implemented has won the James Cup.

By Wendy Necar · April 4, 2022

Pictured: Eleanor Tew, Rob Coventry, Emily Fensom and Chris Sorensen 

One judge praised ‘Forest Resilience. Part 2. Practical considerations’ as: “Here is the guidance we need to develop a level of sophistication in our woodland management that does justice to the complexities we presume to control.”

It was co-authored by Eleanor Tew, Rob Coventry, Emily Fensom and Chris Sorensen and was a collaboration between the forest resilience teams of the Forestry Commission and Forestry England. It featured in the July 2021 issue of the ‘Quarterly Journal of Foresty’ (QJF). Chris and Rob have changed roles since the article was written.

Another judge described the article as: “A massive and vital subject but treated with enough depth here to be a really meaningful article.”

The James Cup is awarded annually for best original article in the QJF. If you want to revisit it, the article is available here.  Members can also log in to search the QJF archives vía Insights & Publications.

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