No Masks Are Needed In The Forest

Becky Wilkinson, Learning & Outreach Manager, contributed a blog article on neurodiversity and forestry careers for The Neurodivergent Coach blog.

By Becky Wilkinson · March 20, 2024


“As a career in forestry might not be the first thought of many people but it is a superb opportunity for people to build a career where you can be valued for what you can do. So many of the young people that we support tell us that mainstream education was challenging for them. That they struggled with showing their potential while sat down on a hard chair in a room with 30 other people for five days a week. It is relatively rare to be with 30 other people in a forestry team and certainly not in a workplace with 1,000 other people, all bustling about in the same space. You’re generally in a small team or sometimes on your own, working out in remote areas. The desire to be active becomes an asset, not a liability…

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Becky Wilkinson

Learning & Outreach Manager