Look out for Damaging Invasive Species

It’s Invasive Species Week from 15-21 May 2023. In woodland and forests we turn the spotlight on grey squirrels, deer and other pests and diseases.

By Wendy Necar · May 15, 2023

There is plenty of opportunity to get involved in Invasive Species Week with activities for adults and children. Find out more here.

The public are also being asked to look out for Asian hornet and other alert species. If you see something you think should not be there check out Observatree’s priority pests and diseases pages and report any suspicions via Tree Alert in England Wales and Scotland or via Tree Check in Northern Ireland.

At the RFS we are proud to be sharing knowledge on managing those invasive species which are causing damage in our woodland and forests.

Check out our case studies:

Read our report analysing how grey squirrel cause an estimated at £37m a year in woodland.

Tackling  damage  caused by deer. these may help.

Read the blog by Victoria Jackson from Maydenbury on Facing up to OPM.

In continental Europe, where Ips typographus is native, outbreaks of the beetle can have devastating effects. was first found in the UK during 2018 at a site in Kent.

Read this blog by Anna Platoni, the Advisory Entomologist at Forest Research.