Hot Leaves: Viking Bursary 2023 winner

This year’s Royal Forestry Society (RFS) Viking Bursary has gone to Year 2 PhD researcher William Hagan Brown.

By Wendy Necar · April 19, 2023

William is based at the University of Plymouth. His research is taking place at the Birmingham Institute of Forest Research Free-Air Carbon Enrichment (BIFoR FACE) facility. It looks at “The Impact of Climate Change on the Forest Canopy Temperatures: from Mechanisms to Implications.”

He aims to determine how hot tree species’ leaves or canopies of forests will become under future climate change. Measurements of leaf thermal tolerance will provide information on species’ ability to withstand extreme conditions under climate change.

William’s studies focus on Quercus robur (oak) and other species within the facility. His research is due to be completed in September 2025.

He says: “The grant will help me cover my travel and accommodation costs associated with my research activities at BIFoR FACE. ”

The Viking bursary for students in higher education has been established thanks to a bequest by Mrs Sheila Jorgensen, a former RFS Yorkshire Division member. An award of up to £2,000 is awarded annually at the discretion of the RFS Yorkshire Division committee.

The Viking Bursary will re-open for applications in January 2024.