Forest Education Network Provides Part-Funded Training

Thanks to a generous grant from the Forestry Commission, the Forest Education Network for England (FENE) has teamed up with Cambium Sustainable to provide training courses by their Associate Trainers across nine different locations in England.

By Elle McAllister · January 11, 2023

Co-Director Sam Goddard of Cambium Sustainable says:
“This is a great opportunity for educational professionals to upskill and embrace learning and play outside the classroom. The funded training will be a real boost to settings and children across England and will kick-start Outdoor Learning in lots of new areas.”

Chair Becky Wilkinson of Forest Education Network for England says:
“This course has the potential to transform the learning experiences of the schools that will be taking part. Our children need opportunities to learn outdoors more than ever before and this is a valuable opportunity to take a step in the right direction.”

This training equips leaders to take groups of children and young people into woods and forests within their communities. Our forests are a valuable learning environment where children can discover what is around them. 

Learners will:

  • Develop an understanding of the benefits and risks of using the outdoors as a learning environment, looking at the background and context of modern outdoor learning
  • Learn how to take an holistic approach to implementing Outdoor Learning at your setting, and how to get everyone ‘on board’ with your plans
  • Plan and deliver seasonal Curriculum Based Outdoor Learning

Funding criteria:

  • Individuals working in an English School, Early Years Setting or Woodland Organisation
  • Individuals who do not currently have a Level 2 or above Outdoor Learning or Forest School qualification

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