Brand New Employers’ Toolkit from the ICF

Developed by the Institute of Chartered Foresters, and based on a previous piece by Lantra Scotland, this publication offers guidance for Forestry apprenticeships, training, and placement support.

By Elle McAllister · December 8, 2022

Great oaks from little acorns grow…

~ 14th century proverb

At RFS we know how important it is to create pathways for young people to enter the profession in a range of ways, including Forestry Roots traineeships and apprenticeships. It is so great to see such an in-depth resource (funded through the Forestry Skills Forum) for those who want to offer these experiences but don’t know where to start.

As well as looking at what kind of situation would best suit the business, it gives a wealth of links and extra resources, advice how to be a great mentor, educational visits, as well as the costs and benefits to your business.

Of course, we’re pretty sure you’ll find its benefits greatly outweigh any costs! If you have placements available, get in touch via the ICF link below for some additional advertising on Forestry Placements.

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