Battram Tree Thinning 2023-2024

We are carrying out a thinning exercise in Battram Wood in the National Forest. This involves removing a proportion of the trees, still leaving most of the trees in any given stand. 

By Wendy Necar · November 15, 2023

The works are in line with our management plan and will benefit the woodland, making it more resilient to the challenges of climate change, pests and diseases.

After the thinning exercise, the remaining trees will have more light and room to grow to their full potential. They will face less competition for the resources they need, and so should be healthier.

More airflow through the woods should make the remaining trees less susceptible to pests and diseases.

More light on the forest floor will benefit the ground flora and the insects and wildlife that depends on that flora.

We are also taking out failing and unsafe trees to ensure that public access is safe.

No. Access to some parts of the wood may be restricted temporarily while works are in progress as a safety measure. Signs will be in place when that is happening. Other areas of the woodland will remain open. The works are being scheduled by our agents Nick and Emma Barnes.

Yes, soft ground has meant that machinery has inevitably left its mark. The paths will be restored in spring when the weather is drier.

Thinning is carried out during autumn and winter months to avoid disturbance to nests. Depending on the weather, we hope all thinning work will be completed by early 2024. Restoration of paths will begin in spring when the weather and ground conditions are suitable.