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Award for Storm ‘Newcomer’

David Marling started work at Holkham in Norfolk as an independent woodsman and firewood supplier to help with aftermath of the Great Storm of 1987.

By Wendy Necar · November 1, 2023

Pictured: David Marling, left, receives his Long Service Award from the Earl of Leicester

Thirty six years later he continues to clear blown trees and buy timber from the estate for his local firewood business.

In a ‘surprise’ presentation, David was presented with a Royal Forestry Society Long Service Award by the Earl of Leicester at a meeting of the East Anglia Division to Holkham.

Holkham Head Forester Harry Wakefield says: “Since the great storm of 1987, David has been an integral part of the woodlands at Holkham, clearing countless fallen trees and supporting the woodland management prescriptions. Although independent, David is a valued member of Holkham Forestry and the local community.”

The estate woodlands, totalling circa 1000 ha, have been created over centuries. The long-term vision is of structurally diverse woodland with a mix of species. These support  a diverse forest capital providing a wide range of economic, environmental and social benefits. The irregular stand structures and species mixtures will be managed and monitored using continuous cover forestry practices and principles. However, woodland compartments will be managed and operations scheduled for their individual requirements.