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Award for Hampshire Head Forester

The work of a “consummate woodsman and naturalist” in Hampshire has been recognised with an award from the Royal Forestry Society (RFS).

By Wendy Necar · September 23, 2022

Over more than three decades Michael Prior has been The Stansted Park Foundation’s Head Forester at Stansted Park in Hampshire. The park has 1200 acres of mixed woodland.

Projects have included higher level countryside stewardship schemes and replanting following ash die back disease. Michael has also delivered a wide array of silviculture, bio-diversity and landscape projects. He has developed sustainable commercial timber.

David Bennett, Director, Stansted Park Foundation said:  “The forestry landscape at Stansted Park has been very much fashioned in Michael’s image.  He has a detailed professional knowledge and an innate sense of conservation and a love of nature. All of this is combined with his clear long-term vision of the sustainable future of Stansted.

“He is a consummate woodsman and naturalist. He has unstintingly provided dedicated and sensitive environmental stewardship of the highest order as well as creating a space for public enjoyment.”

The Award was presented to Michael by RFS President Sir James Scott during a visit by the RFS’ Southern Division to the Park.