10 Ways To Celebrate The Jubilee

A four day weekend can feel too good to be true, but in case you were unsure of what to do with it, Elle came up with some suggestions for you. They range from cheap and cheerful to a bit more extravagant, and there is an option for everyone to enjoy this historic moment in time.

By Elle McAllister · May 31, 2022

1. Take it outside!

Even if you have no big plans, you can make everything feel more festive by moving your activity outside. Wrap up your lunch and take it to the park, your garden, or even the balcony. Take in the sunshine, the greenery, the happy chatter, and just rest in the moment. Add a blanket, ball, even a board game if you fancy, and make it a fun occasion for all the family.

2. Crown yourself with nature

Get creative! Find sticks to make handmade flags, or ribbon twirlers. Use flowers and leaves as a natural bunting. Construct flower crowns for everyone, or enjoy something as simple as daisy chains. If you don’t look wonderfully regal (in a fairy queen sort of way), you will at least have plenty of giggles playing.

3. Learn something.

If you’re really not very extroverted, or maybe just appreciate a chance to pause, you may enjoy time to learn, explore, and build up your knowledge base. Why not check out our history of The Queen’s involvement in the RFS over her lifetime? Look back into the QJF archives? Or just brush up on your forestry knowledge. As so much is available online, doing this sitting under (or up) your favourite tree might be just the thing you needed.

4. Make memories.

Big moments in history are often great opportunities to make time capsules: to look back as well as saving something for the future. Take a photograph (and print it), collect a few small items, write a congratulations letter to The Queen, or maybe write one to yourself to find in 70 years time. Bury them in a secure and sealed container, and don’t forget where you put it. Bonus points if you combine it with no.8!

5. Join the crowds.

With councils, businesses, and neighbours all coming together to celebrate, there could not be more options to find for just 4 days! From Orkney to Guernsey and everywhere in-between there are opportunities to join the fun, light the beacons, plant trees, and have a good time. You can find your local options online!

6. Challenge the kids.

With 50,000+ applications we are so excited to see the results of The Queens Green Canopy Junior Forester Award, but there is still time to sign up, and complete the challenge. If you are one of the first 7000 to complete it you’ll even be gifted a commemorative coin to remember the occasion. Sign up now and see what you can do before Monday!

    7. Walk through history.

    At the RFS we are big fans or our woodland walks, and there are so many places to discover, especially with ties to The Queen herself and our British history. Why not use a day to explore, get some exercise, and enjoy the natural surroundings that those generations before you took time to plant and care for? Add some mindfulness, creativity, and a picnic, and we think that is a pretty great day!

    8. Plant a tree.

    Make your mark and plant a tree in celebration of The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The Queen herself was planting trees as a young child with her sister, and they now stand tall and strong together. Imagine what the Queens Green Canopy could be in another 70 years? Plant and care for something that could stand longer than yourself as a gift to future generations.

    9. Give a gift.

    The Queen receives quite a collection of gifts at big events, and although we wouldn’t talk you out of gifting her one of our own options, a personal handwritten letter might make her smile more. Of course, being a generous soul, The Queen has continued to support a vast number of charities (including the RFS) who would love your support. If all this celebration puts you in a giving mood, why not consider a donation in honour of Her Majesty?

    10. Party hard and do it all!

    It’s a once in a lifetime occasion and so if you can, let yourself enjoy it to the full. If you’re throwing a party, why not get your guests to help plant a tree, or donate towards tree planting? Why not put a time capsule together to bury beneath a tree? Make decorations and enjoy craft activities using the natural resources you have around you. Join together outside in the fresh air, remember our past, and hope for the future. Make an event out of it as best you can, and enjoy every second however you want to.

    From all of us at the RFS, we wish The Queen a wonderful weekend and congratulate her on an incredible 70 years reign!

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