Member Survey 2024

We have been busy developing a new strategy to take us to 2030. Lots of you have fed into this already through our communications survey, focus groups and events. Thank you for all your input so far.

Our strategy will describe the future of the RFS and how we will get there. We’ve used your feedback, insights and our own research to formulate themes which we believe to be important to forestry. We want to see how well these ideas sit with your thinking.

Have your say by completing this survey before midday on Friday 10 May. The survey should take about 15 minutes to complete. Some of the questions might seem quite personal, we’ve included these so that we can compare our data with data collected by The Office for National Statistics. We do not ask for personal details as part of this survey so your responses will remain anonymous.

After you have completed the survey you’ll be invited to enter our (optional) free prize draw to win a pack of exclusive RFS merchandise. If you would like to enter the prize draw, just click on the link and leave us your name and email address. These data will only be used for the purpose of the prize draw and will not be linked with your survey responses.

Member Survey 2024

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