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Key Stage 2 Winners

Winner from Oak C of E Primary School, Huddersfield


Forest at night

Clouds sneak through the sky

Birds fly away singing good bye

The grass whispers secrets to the soil below

Evolution changes as the trees grow.


Branches tumble in the calming sunset

Flowers bob gently as the rain gets them wet

As the rocks are sleeping the stream creeps past

The blinking stars come out at last.


The wind sings in tune and whistles a rhyme

As mother nature knows it’s now bed time

Slithering roots drink from the stream

The forest lays down for a night time dream.



Runner up from Oak C of E Primary School, Huddersfield


Forest Life 

The soft leaves dance with the wind

Crooked, spotty trees breathe out oxygen giving us life

Twigs lay peacefully as the birds sing happily with their family

Bright green grass shivers in the cold breeze

Mud jumps as the rain falls with force

Brambles slither like snakes strangling the innocent trees

The shiny bright sun wakes up for an exciting day

Birds hum cheerfully whilst cleaning out their nest

The bark gives a warm and toasty hug around the trees

Patiently the tree stumps wait for company

Here come the children, hungry for their hot chocolate and custard creams melting in their mouths



Highly Commended Lucy from London

Lucys Wellies