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"Where My Wellies Take Me"

We were so inspired by Michael and Clare Morpurgo's wonderful poetry anthology that we decided to ask children to tell us about their adventures in woods or forests wearing their wellies.

To read some amazing poems, click on the links below and be transported into wonderful worlds of imagination and fun.


 Key Stage 1 (Age 5-7) Winners 

Key Stage 2 (Age 7 - 11) Winners


A panel from the RFS shortlisted the entries we received and the final winners were chosen by the appropriately named Judge the Poet!

He said "I really enjoyed reading all the children's wonderful poems.  It's great to see how they all realised the importance, as well as the dreamy fun, of trees and forests.  And it's always incredible to see the many and varied ways they find to express themselves.  The beauty of poems is that, like trees, every one can be different and yet equally beautiful.  Keep writing, kids!  I'm sure that from these little acorns, some great oaks shall grow!"