Eco-Kiln Competition

Design an eco-kiln to reduce pollution​

Winning schools will receive £200 and a visit to a nearby woodland to see their kiln in operation

This competition is for schools in Kent and the nearby area. The winning school will travel to a woodland near Canterbury to see their design in action.

The Royal Forestry Society is looking for teams of  school pupils or individuals to design an eco-kiln for drying firewood. The winning entry will be built and will help local firewood producers reduce pollution. No more than 7 people per team. Entries should contain the following:

  • A sketch drawing of your solar kiln with the various parts and materials labelled
  • A materials list of what is required to build the kiln
  • Information on how the drying process would work

Please use the associated entry to submit your work. You can use any type of software or draw your ideas on pen and paper and then scan it. Final entries should be submitted as a pdf and be no more than 5 pages in length.

Submit your entries through this form