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Future Foresters

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  The RFS Future Foresters programme aims to strengthen the pipeline of skilled people entering forestry, to ensure we have a workforce that can meet the challenges of the 21st century. 

Bringing more woods into management on a large scale and creating more woodland will require considerable expansion and up-skilling of the workforce.  It is vital that we generate a sustainable supply of skilled and knowledgeable entrants coming into the sector.

The Future Foresters programme engages and enthuses people from all backgrounds to enter the forestry sector and support them through their learning and development. To achieve this the RFS Future Foresters programme offers the following;


  • Qualifications:
    The RFS offers both professional qualifications and a Post-nominal certification.

    RFS Certification is designed to acknowledge the importance of both the practical and theory aspects. Comprising a portfolio of 8 practical tickets (NPTC/Lantra) and a theory forestry, arboriculture or silviculture qualification at level 2 or higher. It can be shown on CVs as RFS Cert ArbRFS Cert For.

    RFS also offers two professionally recognised qualifications, currently accredited by ABC.
    RFS/ABC Certificate in Arboriculture (level 2) and the RFS/ABC Certificate in Forestry (level 2).

To find out more about these qualifications please click here

500Th Cert Arb

  • Forestry and Arboriculture Careers Guide – In September 2015 the RFS launched a new Forestry and Arboriculture Careers Guide, to support prospective and current students and employees by providing details covering all aspects of development within the forestry sector. To find out more about the ‘Careers Guide’ click here



  • Bursaries – The RFS offers three bursaries to support forestry learning; Randle Travel Bursary, Spencer Bursary & Yorkshire Bursary. To find out more about the RFS bursaries please click here



  • Forestry Roots In 2018 RFS launched the Forestry Roots Project. This is designed to offer first time employment to college and university leavers for 1 year, with an additional CPD fund availble, designed to help the future forester boost their CV and acheive their RFS certification.

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