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Tree diseases


The following are publications produced by forestry and woodland management organisations to improve knowledge and understanding of tree disease in British woodlands. A pdf of each document can be dowloaded from the resources section (right).

  • Topic: Managing Chalara on SSSI sites
  • Natural England and Forestry Commission

More than half of the woodland and wood-pasture SSSIs in England contain significant amounts of ash. This document looks at the management issues concerning SSSI owners


  • Topic: Managing Chalara - Ash Dieback
  • The Royal Forestry Society

The RFS has issued new Chalara (Chalara fraxinea) Ash Dieback management guidance notes for woodland owners and managers. The Society is urging woodland owners affected by the disease to consider their woodland objectives and local circumstances before deciding on which actions to take.


  • Topic: Chalara Action Kit
  • East Anglian Tree and Landscape Officers' Group

The Chalara Action Kit was designed to provide landowners and councils about chlara and give them the tools to manage the trees in their areas. Links are provided throught the doccument to provide the reader with up to date information and guidance.


  • Topic: Chalara: On The Front-Line
  • Gary Battell - Suffolk County Council

This photographic guide on the history and current situation with regard to Chalara in the UK provides an illustrated guide of all you need to know about Chalara.


  • Topic: Red Band Needle Blight
  • Forestry Commission

The Forestry Commission produced this document to explain the impact of the disease within conifer stands. The document does look at different management control methods and concludes with a summary of the future of the disease in the UK.

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