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Tree and woodland legislation


The following publications are produced by forestry and woodland management organisations to improve knowledge and understanding of the legislation relating to trees and woodland in the UK. 


  • Topic - Felling Licence
  • Produced by - The Forestry Commission

The booklet gives guidance on how to get permission to fell trees. The booklet explains how to apply for a feeling licence, when a felling licence is requierd and felling exemptions for when felling can be carried out without a licence.


  •  Topic - Guide to Tree Preservation Orders (TPO)
  •  Produced by - Department for Communities and Local Government 

This publication is written for tree owners, their neighbours and local community groups, and answers some of the most common questions about tree preservation procedures in England. It is for information only and you should consult a solicitor if you are unsure of your legal rights or obligations.


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