About the Employer

Broadleaf Wales

The woodland at Bron Haul Farm was planted 25 years ago with the intention of improving local natural resources for the benefit of future generations. It was planted with an awareness of the multiple benefits that woodland has to offer and its ongoing management balances selecting and favouring future quality timber stems with improving opportunities for biodiversity, creating quiet space for leisure, protecting soils, and promoting tree health.

The long-term viability of the woodland is reliant on it providing material goods that are valued in the local economy and provide livelihoods within the community. As the woodland grows, the diversity of products we take from it have increased. Initially yielding firewood, charcoal and craft wood, we have more recently been producing fencing materials and sawn timber for use around the farm. We are looking to expand our range of woodland products and market them to local customers. To this end we have recently established ourselves as a partnership called Broadleaf.Wales. With this new development, we look forward to increasing our contribution to the small community of woodland-based activities and businesses in the Elwy Valley.


For more details on Broadleaf Wales go to https://broadleaf.wales/