About Englefield Estate

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About the Employer

More than one-quarter of the Englefield Estate is woodland. It not only shapes our landscape but also provides a sustainable source of home-grown timber, open space for informal access and habitat for important flora and fauna. As a result, we work hard to ensure that 3,500 acres of woodland in our care will thrive in the years ahead for the benefit of current and future generations.

With a production cycle of a century or more, all of our woodlands are managed under a long-term plan which ensures that a sustainable timber crop is harvested. We’re proud that all our woodland is Forest Stewardship Council® certified and evaluated according to the strict environmental, social and economic principles (Licence code FSC® C112410).

Our timber supplies a range of end users softwood thinnings used for fencing, chipboard and horse bedding to larger timber used for furniture making and quality oak flooring and timber framed construction.

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