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Viking Bursary Award 2016

Two forestry students from the University of Cumbria’s National School of Forestry will share the first-ever RFS Viking Bursary totalling £2000. 

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 James Broom Mauro Lanfranchi

James Broom, who is studying for a BSc Forest Management, will use the bursary towards his dissertation on The effect of dieback on ash tree growth rate across Suffolk and Norfolk. He will be comparing growth rates at different sites between ash trees within five varying degrees of dieback categories and assessing the differences in growth rates across the different yield classes of ash trees with dieback.

Mauro Lanfranchi will use the bursary to support his PhD on Forest management and below-ground litter: ‘Carbon dynamics of UK forest soils’. His first field experiment will investigate the effect of forest management practices on forest soil carbon pools and nutrient content within Conventionally Harvested and Whole-Tree Harvested sites. He hopes his work will improve our knowledge of how forest management that considers the soil carbon pool can help combat climate change. 

Both students will submit an article on the results of their research to the RFS Quarterly Journal of Forestry.