Woodland Creation: Opportunities and Barriers


In spring 2020, the RFS invited 4,624 members to respond to a survey on woodland creation. 695 (15%) responded to the survey, 54% were woodland owners, 30% forest managers, agents or consultants and the balance mainly other countryside professionals.

Of the balance, the majority are forestry workers, arborists, tree officers or forestry contractors, but respondents also included members with a wide range of interests including students and researchers. 23% of respondents have created woodland in the last two years, but 42% intend to do so in the next five years, indicating a significant increase in interest. Plans range from less than 1 ha to more than 2,000 ha. 61% of the survey responses were fully completed with some questions getting more attention than others. Much of the value of the survey lies in the very substantial volume of respondents’ comments. A small illustrative selection are included in this report.