Report Overview: The Cost of Grey Squirrel Damage to Woodland in England and Wales


Grey squirrel damage to trees in England and Wales is estimated to cost £37m a year in lost timber value, reduced carbon capture, damage mitigation and trees to replace those have died as a result of grey squirrel bark stripping. This is the probable scenario in a wide range of values modelled to estimate the cost of grey squirrel damage to trees by RDI Associates. It assumes that 15% of the broadleaf area and 5% of the conifer area are damaged or killed by grey squirrels.

According to the report An Analysis of Grey Squirrel Damage to Woodlands commissioned by the Royal Forestry Society in partnership with Forestry Commission, National Forest Company, Natural Resources Wales and Woodland Trust, more than 90% of the damage is to broadleaved trees. 81% of the recorded broadleaf damage is accounted for by four species: sycamore (40%), beech (26%), birch (9%) and oak (6%).

Download the full report below.