Forestry Skills Study Report for England and Wales


The overall purpose of the study was to ‘provide an evidence base that informs a skills action plan designed to support the national policy objectives of achieving growth of the forestry sector and active management of an increased area of woodland’.

There were five key objectives of the study: –
1. Assess the current profile of the forestry sector in terms of employment, skills, age, gender, diversity and business area.
2. Investigate current training provision by all providers, across all levels, across the forestry sector.
3. Assess and map appropriateness of training provision against workforce current and future needs (including skills gap analysis).
4. Identify routes to employment and career progression at all academic levels (i.e. further and higher education) over the forestry sector, and barriers to same.
5. Recommendations to support the development of a future action plan that addresses the skills and training needs of the forestry sector.

Download the full report below.