Action Plan for Climate Change Adaptation of forests, woods and trees in England

Prepared by the Forestry Climate Change Working Group 2018

Climate change is having far-reaching impacts on the health of our trees and woods. Forest, woodland and tree owners and managers have always managed risk and uncertainty, but the pace and scale of environmental change experienced over the past 25 years and expected over the next 50 years presents a challenge of an altogether different order of magnitude.

Climate change is likely to require fundamental changes to accepted forestry management policy and practice to ensure woods and trees are adapted to projected environmental conditions.

It is recognised that a sector-level response is needed to raise the profile of climate change adaptation, ensure forestry policy drives change, forestry research advances the evidence, and forest owners and managers can access knowledge to make the best decisions commensurate with their objectives and attitudes to risk. The Climate Change Accord, signed by 35 forestry organisations, is a call to collective action to address this high priority issue.